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If you are careless

If you are careless

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WITH CARELESS CONCERN / If you carelessly

I don't doubt that my favorite color is blue
I decided that the accessory was brown, but Still, I was happy with whatever he chose

I don't doubt that my favorite food is meat
I really like fish, but
Still, everything I ate with him was delicious

I don't suspect he's a cool woman
I was really jealous of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend
I didn't want to be awkward, so I kept pretending to be cool


Still does not continue

I was still happy, but

He always assumed my favorite color was blue.
I actually love earth-toned fashion,
But I was still happy with whatever he bought for me.

He always assumed I liked to eat grilled meats
I actually prefer seafood,
But every meal we ate together was delicious.

He always assumed I was ever cool and collected
I was actually jealous of his past relationship
But I didn't want to make things awkward, so I played the stoic

But even though,
Even then,

It didn't last,

I was still happy


CELINE / Long wallet

Color / Material

Ivory , Blue / Leather


W19 cm x H12.5 cm x D2.5 cm


Inside : Open pocket x 1 , Card case x 10 , Wallet x 2 , Coin purse x 1


B Rank ( Overall: Material-specific odor / Metal fittings: Kusumi / Leather: Imprints, threads )


B Rank ( Overall: Material-specific odor / Metal fittings: Kusumi / Leather: Imprints, threads )


bag, box

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SA: Unused but with some damage.
A: Super beautiful product. Although it is a vintage product, it is in good condition with no particular concerns.
AB: Beautiful item. There is some damage, but it is in a relatively beautiful state for a vintage product. B: A vintage product that is damaged and feels good to use.
C: There is a problem in use.

S: Unopened / Deadstock
SA: New
A: Used (like new)
AB: Used (good condition)
B: Used (fair)
C : Used (worn)

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