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Time is a flat circle

Time is a flat circle

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TIME IS A FLAT CIRCLE / Time is a flat circle

It's been two years since I joined this company. I can hear the tongue from somewhere just by delaying the train a little. The schoolgirl's skirt is as short as the little fingernail of her toenail. I am still alive today in this Tokyo, where nothing changes when no one is gone.

When I came to Tokyo, my little dream was to shop at a second-hand clothing store in Koenji. The joy of finding it is great because you cannot easily find the ideal one. This is one of the reasons I like second-hand clothes.

I was trying to spend the money I received from the company in the name of a transfer allowance completely against the intention of the company. Upon entering the store, this heavy-duty ring immediately caught my eye and immediately went straight to the cashier. Having anxiety and expectations for the new environment, I entrusted this ring with the determination and will to live alone there.

Immediately before moving to Tokyo, I was telling my thoughts to someone I liked. It was my senior at work and my longing. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't say it directly, so I wrote a letter. I was worried if he would read the letter secretly placed in the locker at work, but after a while, my senior called me.

"I thought it would have been possible if you told me properly"

Various thoughts intersected and I was dominated by a feeling I had never experienced. I had regrets, and I was proud of myself for the first time in my life to convey my feelings to someone.

This ring vividly reminds me of those days, and at the same time I felt more timid than myself at that time. That youth and blueness was infinitely precious.

It's been two years since I moved to Tokyo and joined this company. Since then, nothing about Tokyo has changed. If the train is just a little late, you can hear the clicking of tongues. The skirts of high school girls are trimmed as short as their toenails. Even generations later, this city will remain the same.

After living here, I had always wanted to shop at a vintage clothing store in the trendy Koenji district. In thrift stores it's never easy for me to find something ideal, which is why I get so exhilarated with a great find. It's just one of the reasons why I love vintage shopping.

At one store I was drawn to this ring with a compelling allure and found myself immediately making my way straight to the cashier. I thought twice before using my new company card, but finally resolved that I couldn't leave without buying this ring.

Prior to moving here, I had confessed my feelings to someone. They were a senior colleague at work and my personal idol. No matter how much I endeavoured, I could never muster enough bravery to say it in person, I dropped it into her pigeon hole at work, and honestly wasn't sure if it would be read, but after a while I finally received a call.

“Why did n’t you properly tell me? If you had, I would’ve had a chance to think about it”

At that time countless thoughts raced across my mind and I was overcome by a feeling I had never imagined before. True I had regrets, yet also felt proud for putting myself out there and expressing my feelings, even if it could've been smoother.

This ring brings back vivid memories of that era. Sometimes I feel like I ’m actually more timid now than I was back then. That wide-eyed youthfulness is infinitely precious.


FURLA / 8 Chain ring

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