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The time of those who are waiting is too slow

The time of those who are waiting is too slow

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TIME GOES BY SO SLOWLY FOR THOSE WHO WAIT / The waiting people's time is too slow

1:34 am.

Strobes and countless shadows cross the face and dance in the dark. At that place my hands were too small to know the time. As I walked outside for a while, the bright buzz began to disappear, my body and mind were dragged into the mud and sugar pools, and my feet slowed down in an instant. In stark contrast to me, he was still as light as a feather. He was like a hummingbird just beginning his morning quest beyond the flower fields. His movements, perfectly aligned with the intense bass rhythm, were captivating, and every time the spotlight caught him, his shadow was burned into the background of the dance floor, like a zoetrope.

1:36 am.

Barely 2 minutes.

I remember wanting to complain at the time, but now I hope this little chrome needle will stop time forever.

1:34 AM.

I could barely make out the time with the strobe and numberless shadows dancing across the face, and it didn't help that the hands were so small. We'd been out for a while and the bright buzz from the tequila had begun its descent, dragging my mind and body down into the pool of grime and sugar by my feet that were slowing down by the second. In an absolute contrast, he was still as light as a feather --like a hummingbird that had just begun its morning quest across the flower fields. His movements perfectly in time with the thumping bass were mesmeric, and whenever the LED spotlights caught his figure each pose was burned into the substrates of the niterie, like frames on the Zoetrope called Life.

1:36 AM.

Barely 2 minutes.

I remember wanting to complain at the time, yet now I wish that these little chrome hands would hold eternity.


GUCCI / Clock

Color / Material



Maximum arm circumference 16cm




B Rank (small plating peeling)


B Rank



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