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Louis Vuitton

Whisper of love

Whisper of love

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SWEET NOTHINGS / Whisper of love

I went to see a man with this bag that my mother gave me.

33 years old. Born in Tokyo. He runs a company. X 1, have children.

Actually, it seems that I have never met a child. He divorced before his child was born and thought it would be better not to be in his child's life.

"Do you think it is irresponsible?"

I liked this honesty that I asked when I got to know such a thing.

I was taken to a chic French restaurant with piano sounds that day. The waitress in charge of our table was his high school classmate boy. He felt a little awkward because he had hardly spoken, pretending not to know each other and asking nothing.

I've been to dinner more than three times by then, and I've already decided. Upon arriving at the hotel, a casual conversation continued. A few hours had passed before I knew it. "If you miss the timing, you'll be embarrassed and you won't be able to do anything." Looking at the clock, it's still 11 o'clock. I left the hotel with a bottle of wine left.

With Mother ’s bag under my arm, I was off to meet a man.

Thirty-three years old. Born in Tokyo. Head of a company. Divorced, with one kid.

He had never met this child, however. The woman divorced him before their birth and thought it would be better if he were not in their lives.

“Do you think I ’m irresponsible?”

To inquire with such frankness, especially having known each other for only a short time, was honestly refreshing.

That evening I was taken to a stylish French restaurant; one of the ones that plays light piano as background music. I remember our table's waiter being a boy from my high school; we weren't close back then so we pretended we didn't know each other to escape the discomfort.

This would be my fourth time having dinner with the man, and I was now comfortable enough around him. At the hotel we carried on murmuring sweet nothings; I had made myself at home at this point and so the hours flew by without agony --yet he had become so drunken and could barely stay awake.

“I guess I missed the timing on this one, huh?”

Such abashed candidness was followed by him finally passing out. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was only eleven o'clock. Snatching the remaining bottle of wine, I left the hotel.


Louis Vuitton / Epi Shoulder bag

Color / Material

Epi , Black


W27 cm x H18.5 cm x D7 cm


Outer pocket x 1, Inner pocket x 4


B Rank (with shoulder strap thread)


B rank (large deterioration inside the pocket)



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