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Swamp-Playing in the water on a spaceship

Swamp-Playing in the water on a spaceship

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SWAMP-WADING STAR FIGHTER / Swamp-Spaceship water play

The auction was very easy. There were few bidders and the platform was clean. I was already trying to use up my new salary.

Of course I won and didn't have the option of losing-it was supposed to be the perfect key item for the clothes coming to Ami's birthday party-I've always been with damaged jeans I had decided to wear an oversized T-shirt from the ASTROWORLD tour.

For weeks I was thinking about this party I was invited to, and the endless possibilities of such a night-drinking, music, and dim lighting on a crowded train while commuting. I was always indulging in fantasy about the night that was born from the fellowship of. The blurry sight of cute girls and boys playing with each other in the rough sea on Saturday spread in my head, and I was absorbed in it.

However, the night I expected never came, and the fireworks did not go up. A few days after disappointment, the fantasy stopped and it was finally decided to go to a disco.

That night, on a swampy disco floor, I was afraid that my shoes would get dirty, so I wore old boots instead.

The auction was simple enough; bidders were scarce, the platform was clean and I was strutting right out of my last paycheque. I won of course, losing was never an option --they were to be the perfect keystone to my outfit for Ami's birthday party --I had already previously decided on my sky-washed distressed jeans and my ASTROWORLD Tour oversized tee.

For weeks on end I thought of nothing but this proposed gathering of bodies, the unlimited potential of such a night. On thronged trains to and from my miserable place of work I constantly daydreamed of likely developments arising out of the It was honestly intoxicating — blurred visions of pretty girls and boys crashing into each other in the stormy Sea of ​​Saturday.'Keen' was an understatement, it was anticipation akin to a baser feeling like'hunger '.

The night never came, the fireworks never bloomed. The fantasies ceased some days after the disappointment and it was eventually decided that a trip to the disco would fit as compensation. dirty against the grime, I opted to don some old boots instead.


VALENTINO / Rock studs sneakers Military

Color / Material

Red x Black


Notation size: EU 37

Japan size: Approximately 23.5




A Rank (There is a thread around the inside of the ankle)


A Rank



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About product rank / Condition

S: New and unused.
SA: Unused but with some damage.
A: Super beautiful product. Although it is a vintage product, it is in good condition with no particular concerns.
AB: Beautiful item. There is some damage, but it is in a relatively beautiful state for a vintage product. B: A vintage product that is damaged and feels good to use.
C: There is a problem in use.

S: Unopened / Deadstock
SA: New
A: Used (like new)
AB: Used (good condition)
B: Used (fair)
C : Used (worn)

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