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Salvatore Ferragamo

Proof of existence

Proof of existence

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PROOF OF EXISTENCE / Proof of Existence

I started working at this bar around midsummer when I could still hear the voice of cicadas, but
Before I knew it, the flashy illuminations had changed to a dazzling season.

A few days ago I sent him a cursed email.
Ironically, I could never forget what he did to me.
I wanted him to carry the cross on his back, which he would have forgotten. I didn't want him to be absent.
At that time, I didn't seem to have any value to me if I lost him.

Sadly, I think the 18-year-old girl was mentally and financially dependent on him, who was one step higher.
For me now, buying this Katyusha was proof that I was standing on my feet.
Proof of existence of "I" for adults like him who come to him or the bar.

I gave myself this gift as a graduation break from the past, and I thankfully received it.

I started working at the bar in the middle of the summer heat, when the cicadas chirped loudest.
Before I knew it, it had turned into a season of flashy, dazzling illuminations.

A few days ago, I sent him a cursory email,
Even though I could never forget the way he treated me.
A cross to bear, even though he has probably forgotten all about it --I didn't want him to pretend it never happened.
At the time, it seemed to me that if I lost him, there would

As a young 18 year old girl who was mentally and financially dependent on him,
Buying this hairband was to
It was my way of proving my existence to him and others like him who come to the bar.

I gave myself this gift to commemorate moving on, which I accepted gratefully.


Salvatore Ferragamo / Katyusha

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