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The Pacific Ocean dyed by the setting sun

The Pacific Ocean dyed by the setting sun

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PACIFIC TINTED SUNSET / Pacific Ocean dyed in the sunset

He was the first to love her like her. She had a lover, but she didn't have the same enthusiasm and thirst. However, it was a question in his mind whether it was true "love" or just a moment of love. Sure, it's been a while since he built a love relationship, but such desperate prejudice has suppressed his confidence.

She was just like a devil, eroding his world beyond the sea. It is an undeniable fact that her devilishness must eventually return to the sanctuary beyond the sea, and my longing heart will be pushed back into an extraordinary society, and everyone expects it. rice field.

Their time was forever sweet and full of sunlit warmth, but in their hearts there was a cold melancholy and a melancholy longing for a time that did not exist.

Eventually, he decided to stop giving her a scarf. His heartbeat is still engraved, echoing the ebb and flow of the tide, singing across the Pacific Ocean.

He hadn't loved anyone like her before, not with the same fervour or craving. Whether it was true'love' or mere entrancement was the question on his mind, though. Granted it had been some time since he had been involved with a woman romantically, and the potential of such a desperate partiality curbed his confidence.

Indeed it was an undeniable fact she, an enchantress from across the seas who violates world views with her presence, would have to eventually return to her divine realm across the ocean, and he, heart full of yearning would return to the rotations of unexceptional society.

Their time together was sweet and full of sun-kissed warmth, yet in both of their hearts lied a cold wistfulness and melancholy longing for a time that does n’t exist.

In the end, he decided against giving her the scarf her, still containing a beating piece of his heart her, echoing across the crests of the tides, singing across the Pacific.


Hermes / Hermes Carre

Color / Material

Orange / Silk jersey


Approx. 70 cm x Approx. 7 0cm




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