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Louis Vuitton

Almost empty body

Almost empty body

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At first, I thought it was too expensive to use every day. But it made her smile.

Authentic Spanish leather, flashy prints and pockets were too cramped to be practical. The elaborate construction and its price tag would have shocked the modest mother. Modern technology gives us access to everything we need with a swipe of our finger. I didn't need a physical wallet anymore.

I was reminded every day that such things would only upset my jacket or push my back down when I was on the train. But it made her smile.

In fact, I wasn't wealthy and could only imagine the countless working hours that would take me to make enough money to buy it. What brand was it? Is it because I'm a man? Next is a gorgeous tie or belt? Why do people feel they need to overexpress love?

Still, I used it every day until the end. To see her smile.

At first I thought it was far too precious for daily use. But it made her smile. Genuine Spanish leather, flashy print and pockets much too cramped for practicality. A rigid composition and a price tag that would have shocked my mother most demure. Technology had also reached a point where all artefacts of significance were able to be accessed with the mere swiping of one's digits; there was no more need for a physical wallet.

Every day I was reminded that such an object only served to imbalance my outerwear or depress my rear whilst sitting on the train. But it made her smile. We weren't rich, after all --I could only imagine The countless hours of labor required to accrue enough money to buy it. Was it the brand? Was it because I am a man? A luxury tie or a belt next, then? Why do people feel the need to express their love through excess? And yet everyday, until the end, I used it. Because it made her smile.


Louis Vuitton / Bi-fold wallet 1985

Color / Material

Monogram, Brown


W11 cm x H11 cm x D2.5 cm


Wallet x 2 Coin purse x 2 Pocket x 1

Serial number: 851


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