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"You told me not to run in the Hannah family !!"

Marley's warning this time was a harsh tone that echoed even in Hannah's stubborn ears. Her vibrant footsteps slowed down and eventually turned into a loose squeak upstairs. "I'm back!" Hannah shouted, and her high-pitched voice echoed throughout the house.

"Grandma, Dove is back!"

Hannah's noisy footsteps were like thunder, and she again crossed Marley's head, through the turmeric-scented kitchen ceiling, and down a spiral staircase.

"Don't run! Be careful down the stairs!" How many times does Marley pay attention?

"I'm back, I'm back!"

Hannah's little feet, running across her tiles, stop in front of the screen door at the front door, staring at the snow-white bird companions.

Marley put back the lid of the German oven and sealed her steam. When Marley went out in search of her granddaughter, she found Hannah walking slowly so as not to frighten her friends.

"Cute, isn't it cute?" She smiled at Marley.

"Do you know ... Dove is just a white pigeon"

"Dove? Isn't the pigeon so cute?"

“I said do n’t run inside the house Hannah !!”

This time Marley ’s warning came with a sterner tone that registered within even Hannah ’s stubborn ears. Her booming footsteps her audibly slowed down and eventually resigned to unhurried creaks across the 2nd floor.

“Grandma they ’re back!” Hannah exclaimed, her shrill voice echoing across the whole house. “The doves are back Grandma!”

Thunder once again rolled across Marley ’s head, spanning the tumeric fragrant kitchen ’s ceiling and made its way down the flight stairs.

“No running! Be careful down the stairs!” Marley declared. “They're back, they're back!”
Hannah's little feet scampered across the tiles and crashed her through the fly-screen front door,

itching to see her snow white avian companions her. Marley returned the lid on the dutch oven, sealing the aromatic steam. As Marley stepped outside in

search for her granddaughter her, she found her barely past the porch steps, visibly afraid to come any closer, lest she scares her friends away.

“They are pretty aren't they sweetie?” Marley smiled. “Did you know doves are just white pigeons?” “Pigeons?” Hannah frowned. ”


Hermes / Scarf

Color / Material

Pink / Silk


Approx. 87cm x Approx. 87cm




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