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Louis Vuitton

Two-out bases loaded

Two-out bases loaded

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LOADED BASES / Two-out bases loaded

"I don't like the bench all the time. Let me stand in the batter's box."

Dating for a week, if you don't like it, give up, so give me a chance,

He was desperate to persuade me by saying

Careless I took his words literally and used him to heal my wounds.
He wanted me, and I didn't like one.

Of course, I couldn't have seen him seriously in this situation.
In contrast to me, his love was very straightforward and dazzling.
Beside him pure, I seemed very poor.
I almost hated myself.

Throw him away like throwing an empty can,
"Don't drag me because I'm so attractive."
I spit out such strength.

"I don't want to always be on the bench, I want to bat."

In a roundabout way, he was trying to convince me to give him a chance, and if I still wasn't into him after a week, he would concede.
< Emotions unfeeling, I took him up on his offer and needed to lick my wounds.
I could feel his yearning, and I didn't want to be alone.

Naturally, he was never a serious candidate
By complete contrast, his love was so genuine and brilliant
Next to such a pure man, I felt so pitiful.
Introduction akin to hate

In the end he was discarded like an empty can
“It may be hard, but try your best to forget about me”
I spat out with such nonchalance


Louis Vuitton / Clutch Bag 1985

Color / Material

Monogram , Brown


W26 cm x H19 cm x D5 cm

Serial number: 851


Serial number: 851


c Rank ( Zipper detachment )


B rank



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