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Whether to live freely or fly

Whether to live freely or fly

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LIVE FREE OR FLY / Live freely or fly

My mother bought this bag at a shop I went into while walking around Florence.
My mother seemed to like Italy very much on the trip at that time. I'll take you to Italy. "
I haven't realized it yet, but I've always wanted to visit with my mother when the time comes.
Shall I take you to a fashionable restaurant?

During her parading of Florence, my mother wandered into an outlet and purchased this bag.
She ended up being fond of that time in Italy and often chattered about how she would drag me back there with her some day.
It hasn't happened yet, but I've always wanted to share an experience with my mother, when the time calls for it.
Perhaps I should treat her to a fancy restaurant?


GUCCI / Old Gucci Boston Bag

Color / Material

Beige / PVC


W37 cm x H29 cm x D12 cm


Zipper pocket x 1


C Rank (with initials, corner thread, fastener part torn 3 location )


A Rank ( is in a very beautiful state )



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About product rank / Condition

S: New and unused.
SA: Unused but with some damage.
A: Super beautiful product. Although it is a vintage product, it is in good condition with no particular concerns.
AB: Beautiful item. There is some damage, but it is in a relatively beautiful state for a vintage product. B: A vintage product that is damaged and feels good to use.
C: There is a problem in use.

S: Unopened / Deadstock
SA: New
A: Used (like new)
AB: Used (good condition)
B: Used (fair)
C : Used (worn)

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