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Louis Vuitton

When you get sick and when you get healthy

When you get sick and when you get healthy

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IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH / When you get sick or healthy

He was busy with his work at the time, so if I wanted to be with him more, he would have been in a bad mood.
One day I envied her friend and she bought her new stylish bag went to her shop. I heard that the store is the brand's first store in Japan. Gray-white concrete walls, windows of various sizes, and dynamically changing lighting ... I really like the design of this building .

Ten years have passed since then. Recently, as I passed in front of the store, I noticed that it had been refurbished. The glass display in front of the building was more dazzling and caught my eye.
I thought about the length of time that flowed. I noticed that I spend most of my day with my husband now.
Every day feels like the last day.

He was so focused on his individual career to the point that if I had requested more personal time together, he would be disgruntled.
One day, I learnedt it was the brand's first store in Japan. The outlet had ashen concrete walls, windows of various sizes, and lighting that dynamically changed throughout the day. . I fancied the interior.

It's been ten years since then. When I recently passed by that store again, I noticed that they'd made some renovations. They had made the glass display out the front of the building more dazzling.
When thinking about how quickly time has flown, I realise I now spend most of my days besides my husband.
Even though each new day feels like the last.


Louis Vuitton / Josephine PM 2001

Color / Material

Navy / Canvas


W27 cm x H19 cm x D13 cm


Open pocket x 1 , zipper pocket x 1

Serial number: SR1021


B Rank ( Corner thread, 2 spots, small scratches on metal fittings, peeling of plating )


B Rank



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