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Above the Yellow River

Above the Yellow River

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This person was an older man who always did a good job for me. We went to various places together and saw a lot of things. I was able to enjoy as much as I could, even if there was a difference in age. He bought this dress, but it was too small for my body. I remember feeling unbelievable when I saw the carp streamer-like pattern. It was a big mistake for such expensive clothes.

I think it was around that time that he, who was forgiving, realized that he didn't really know me very well. Maybe he didn't care much about me. Or maybe it was me who didn't really accept him.

It's hard to find a man who is willing to give without asking for a reward. Meeting him opened up my world even more. I finally reached the top of the waterfall and passed through the gate, and I was a carp that was incomparable to that time. It's a pity he hasn't seen this growth, but if he sees me now, I think he'll be proud.

He was an older man, but always treated me well. We would spend pleasant time together, and the age difference never stopped me from finding enjoyment on our many outings. He was the one who bought me this dress --which was astonishingly I remember peering into it's Koi-like pattern with incredulity; it was a considerable blunder for garments so expensive.
I suppose it was also around that time I realised that perhaps he --who't really know me that well. Maybe he never really payed attention to me. Or by perchance it was I, who never truly let him in.
Men who are always pleased to give without asking for anything in return are few and far in between-and I hope he is well, for I remember our time fondly. Having finally reached the top of the waterfall and crossed the gate, I was Koi if he could see me now I hope he'd be proud.



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