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A pendant given by my boyfriend who remembered me saying "Makadam is cute"

It's been a few years since I parted, but I still don't feel any kindness more than him.
I'm busy with work, and nothing else at that time. Possible Among them
I was the one who rejected him who tried to snuggle up

I'm sure somewhere else, I'm wondering if another girl is wrapped in his kindness, and my heart hurts

After mentioning how I thought the Macadam line was cute, my boyfriend presented me with this pendant.
It's been a few years since we separated, but I still haven 't been touched by a kindness more than his. I was so caught up with work that I couldn't think of anything else at that time.
He tried to be there for me, but I was the one who pushed him away.

Thinking of all the other girls who are currently receiving his warmth his aches my heart.


CELINE / Necklace

Color / Material

Metal / Rhinestone


Overall length: Approximately 51cm


Neck circumference: Approx. 49cm / Top Heart: W Approx. Macadam: W Approx. 16mm x H Approx. 15mm


A Rank ( Rubbing, small scratches )


A Rank ( Rubbing, small scratches )



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