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Salvatore Ferragamo

Hawaii in winter

Hawaii in winter

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HAWAIIAN WINTER / Hawaii in winter

We got to know each other through friends and went out on dates several times. The beginning is always the most thrilling. We were attracted to each other. Our hobbies were traveling, so we hit it off and we promised to go on a trip to Hawaii together. Shortly after getting to know each other, we felt the sweet air flowing between them and the beginning of love.

However, as the trip approached, I began to notice the difference between them. I don't remember exactly when my affection began to change. It was a small thing at first. I have noticed the differences in our surroundings and the priorities of things. The wind changed as easily as the snow melted, and my heart finished its crush.

If the beginning of romance was like a warm summer Christmas, I thought the end was like a mediocre midday drama.

After all, I decided to go to Hawaii alone. Hawaii in February was chilly, unlike the sunset on the beach as seen on a postcard, or the bright and winding road on the way to Diamond's head with a rented jeep. I returned to Japan without getting my swimsuit wet. I later learned that this time was in the middle of Hawaii's infamous rainy season, Hoiro. -Leather and silver metal fittings Katyusha purchased at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. Every time I see this, I remember the memory of this trip and laugh naturally.

Through a friend of a friend we met, and before I could look at my wristwatch we had gone on several dates. The beginning is always most thrilling; the air smelt sweeter, the colors had pop and we both felt something stirring. We had always yarned about our travels, and so we eventually promised to slip away to Hawaii together.

The weeks kept rolling by and the messages kept rolling in as our trip was fast approaching. I'm not sure exactly when my affections began to change. At first it was the small things; I noticed the differences in our situations and priorities.

As easily as snow melts the wind can change, leaving behind my heart unfluttering.

In the end, I decided to venture to Hawaii alone.

Hawaii in February was chilly, and differed quite from the postcard images of balmy sunsets on the beach and the bright, winding roads on your way to Diamond Head in your rental Jeep. I never did get my swimsuit wet. later found out I planned the trip right in the middle of Ho'oilo --Hawaii's infamous rainy season. I purchased this headband at the Al Moana Center in Honolulu, and can't help but laugh every time I look at it.


Salvatore Ferragamo / Katyusha

Color / Material

Black / Leather


W14 cm x H15 cm x D 0.8 cm


Leather material with silver metal fittings


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