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Louis Vuitton

The first legal champagne

The first legal champagne

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FIRST REGAL CHAMPAGNE / First Legal Champagne

My boyfriend, who was dating when I was a student, gave it to me on my birthday.

After looking at my watch during an economic lecture and it seemed like time wouldn't go on forever, I hurriedly fixed my makeup, dressed in a dress, and headed to the restaurant of his choice. It was in a tower that I had visited many times to shop, but I didn't know there was such a stylish restaurant here.

He wore a suit that he rarely wears at work. Sophisticated dress pants matched well with long legs and a tall, slender figure. That day, I was finally twenty years old, so we had a blessing toast together. I think it was champagne. The memory of having the first legal drink was lost in the wind, but I remember thinking that night was the best night.

He was seven years older than me-I naturally learned a lot from him. We are no longer together, but we are always grateful for our time.

He presented it to me on my birthday. After what seemed like an eternity watching the clock in class, I hurriedly touched up my makeup, slipped into my nicest dress and headed to his restaurant of choice for the evening. It was in a tower I visited many times previously for its boutiques and esoteric wares, yet I never realized there was such a stylish restaurant there.

He appeared in a suit he rarely wore, even for formal occasions. The accompanying sleek dress pants fit well with his long legs and tall, slender figure. For my 20th revolution around Helios we celebrated and toasted to the hereafter. Champagne. The memory of how my first legal sip tasted has been lost in the wind, but I remember thinking it was a perfect night.

He was seven years my senior --I naturally learnt a lot from him. We ’re no longer together, yet will still always be grateful for our time.


Louis Vuitton / Monogram Verni Multikre 6 Key Case 2017

Color / Material

Purple Brown / Patent Leather


W11 .5cm × H7cm × D1.5cm


6-key , Card holder × 1

Serial number: TS2107


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