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Don't wake up from a daydream

Don't wake up from a daydream

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DOWNSTREAM DAYDREAM / Don't wake up from a daydream
There was a fast-flowing river.
There is a big and beautiful rock in the middle.
The water of the river that hit the rock will be torn and go in a different direction.
Or, they will meet again and flow through the same river.
Even if you are now separated from you, who are as dear as the water of this river,
I want to meet again someday and be happy together.

-This is a modern translation of my favorite old song. Among the many songs, this song has always caught my heart. What a romantic song!

For me now, this song sounds different than before. It may not be like this song, and there may be a destiny that cannot be tied. Countless rocks may be waiting. Even if you meet, there may be rocks again. When you were gone, the beauty of this song sighed. Every time I see this necklace, I remember your kindness and clumsiness. Be happy somewhere without me. I will be happy too

In the middle of a fast flowing river
Lies a large, auspicious rock
Which splits the stream in numerous directions
Only for them to meet again, and flow together once more
Just like the water in this river, even though we are separated for now,
I want to meet you again one day with happiness

This is a contemporary translation of my favorite old Japanese song. There are many great songs from that era, but it ’s this song that has always grabbed my heart. How romantic it is.

Nowadays, this song carries a different sound to me. There may exist a fate where, unlike this song, we cannot be reunited. Even if we meet again, there may be countless rocks more waiting for us ahead. When you were gone, I couldn't help but sigh at the beauty of this song.

Every time I look at this necklace, it reminds me of your warmth and your kind clumsiness.

I hope you'll be happy somewhere without me.

I'll be happy too


TIFFANY & Co./ Pendant

Color / Material

750 White Gold


Chain length 41cm




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