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Louis Vuitton

All on black

All on black

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This is from a very powerful and wild grandma

She loves fashion and when I was little she bought a lot of clothes that were too expensive for kids

She has a hobby of gambling, and when her grandfather died, she poured all her heritage into her stock, and in the end she lost a lot and seemed to have a lot of trouble

Grandma often said she was a reaction to her when she was a child, because she was poor and couldn't afford luxury.

Looking at her picture when Grandma just got married, it looks just like me now, and I'm kind of happy

If I had a grandchild, I wanted to be called a cool grandma,

This belonged to my strong-willed grandmother.

She loved to dress the nines, and so when I was still little she bought me a lot of clothes that were too much too expensive and garish for a child.

She enjoyed gambling, to the point where when my grandfather passed away, she would lay down his entire inheritance her into the stock market-eventually losing it all.

She used to pardon herself by allocating her compulsion to her poor upbringing her; not being able to afford luxuries when she was my age.

When I look at photos of my grandma from when she just married, she looks a lot like myself now. It makes me happy.

If I ever have grandchildren, I want to be known as a strong grandmother.


Louis Vuitton / Clutch bag 1985

Color / Material

Monogram , Brown


W29 cm x H16 cm x D6 cm


Pocket x 3

Serial number: 852


B Rank (thread, metal fittings do not mesh and do not close)


B Rank



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A: Super beautiful product. Although it is a vintage product, it is in good condition with no particular concerns.
AB: Beautiful item. There is some damage, but it is in a relatively beautiful state for a vintage product. B: A vintage product that is damaged and feels good to use.
C: There is a problem in use.

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