Behind story

Sell what you don't use, buy what you want,
Our goal is to activate this loop, expand the sustainable market, and expand the culture where you can feel the fun.
TO SELL.-For the seller
When I went to the pawn shop for the first time, the inside of the shop was inorganic and had a suspicious atmosphere, and I felt guilty about selling things there. That was exactly what it meant to "throw away."
I feel a little lonely when the moment of goodbye to things is such a dull ending,
Can the seller sell things more pop and let go? That was the reason for creating this shop.

TO BUY.-For the buyer
Also, the buyer side does not just buy the item, but the item is born. An increasing number of sensitive people are interested in the background and are looking for new ways to enjoy themselves.
I thought that by sharing the time and memories of the person who owned it before in the form of a story, you can enjoy the item from a new angle. I would be grateful if you could visit this site as if you were visiting the museum to see the works and explanations.